5 Tips that make your Living Room Lively

After a hectic day at work and finishing the daily chores at home, where do you want to relax for some time? Obviously, you would like relaxing in the living room watching TV or stretching your back on the bed in the sleeping room.

Is your living room comfortable and inviting you to rest and relax? How do you feel sitting in the living room? Does it relax you or you feel uncomfortable with the things around you in the living room?

Living room is the place where we spend most of our time when we are at home apart from sleeping. It should be cozy and comfortable and free from any problem when you want to cuddle down on the sofa or sit on the relaxing chair and read a book. The backdrop of your living room will have a major impact on your life.

A Lively Living Room

What measures have you taken to make it a lively and comfortable place? What decorative have you kept in the living room and what color have you chosen for the walls of the living room? All these matter most to make your living room cozy, comfortable and lively.

Keep the things that bring you joy

There are millions of ideas that match the tastes of millions of people. You cannot afford to study all the different models of home improvement to choose for your home. Just have some idea about the basic principles of making your living your happy place.

Whether you might want to have an oriental rug on the floor, or throw pillows on the sofa to make it complete, a few brace figurines to decorate the corners or the colorful paintings on the walls, depend upon what brings you joy and make you happy.

Keep it bright

Lighting has a major impact on the living room making it really joyful or miserable with dim lighting. Have a look at the present lighting in your living room and see what the sources for getting light in the room are. In addition to the lamps, recessed lighting and candles which reflect your taste, what are the sources for getting natural lighting?

Add light to your living room and make it shining and lively. When the lighting is dull, the effect of it will be gloomy and dull on the mind. Is the wall color too dark or light? Check whether it is enhancing the natural light or making it dull.

Keep the walls beautiful

After the ceiling and the floor, it is the walls that attract attention. What color have you painted the walls with? Are they in good shape and looking bright?

There are many options for you to choose the shade of color you like most for your living room. Upgrade the walls with the latest paint and hue that you admire most. You have got plenty of options to go for different colors for walls in your room.

Light colors add light to the room and dark colors reduce the lighting in the room. See how much natural light the living room is getting at present. If you feel there is too much light, then have dark curtains to the windows and go for darker shades to the walls.

Lively Living Room Angle 2

Give your personal touch

The personal touch you give to your living room makes a lot of difference. It distinguishes your living room from a furniture show room. The well thought out pictures you select to hang on the wall or keep them at the important places in the room, make it your home.

The wooden framed family pictures add a special significance to your living room. They not only reflect your love for your family but evoke the feelings of belongingness.

Go Green

Select a few indoor plants that provide the much needed natural look and appeal to the living room. Choose the plants carefully and keep them near the windows or at the corners. Buy a new bunch of flowers every week and keep in the flower vase on the corner table.

Fresh plants and flowers breathe life into our living rooms. Keeping fresh flowers and plants adds that special flavor to your living room.

These basic things not only make your home bright and beautiful but also make it more comfortable and cozy. See if you can make further improvements to make it look better and brighter.

Exploit the Technology in Woodworking and Grab the Big Benefits

Technology has made rapid strides redefining the way things are produced. It has impacted almost every field with few exceptions. Woodworking has undergone a drastic change owing to the changes in the technology. The tools that were traditionally used were replaced with power tools. Though there are still some hand-held used tools are in use, power tools have made the work of the woodworker easier and more refined.

Hand Tool Basics

Routers, the most versatile tools

A wood router is the most versatile tool in the tool kit of woodworkers. Highly skilled workers and professional woodworkers know the importance of this power tool and exploit the multiple ways in which it can be used.

Routers are used to hollow the wood and cut the wood in different shapes. They are best used to cut the design in the wood and trim the edges. The power of technology can be seen how the power router can cut different edges within a short period of time. You will realize how different bits are used to cut different edges if you go through any wood router reviews online.

Thanks to technology, there are different types of routers which can be used for different purposes. The original hand tool form of router is replaced by power router. The power router works with an electric motor driven spindle. It rotates from 6000 times to 23000 times per minute. It leads to smooth cutting of the edges and carving out complex designs in the wood. Many of the latest designs are made easily with the help of the power router.

CNC Routers have altered woodworking

Have you heard about CNC wood routers? Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers cut the 3D designs that are designed originally on the computer. The router runs precisely as per the instructions it receives from the computer system. Thus, routing the wood has become refined and sophisticated.

If you look at the features of the latest wood routers, you will realize how much advanced they are in each of the specific tasks they perform with the help of computers or electronic chips. Either the computer system or the electronic chip controls the speed of the router and lends perfect control to you while you are working with the router.

Indigenous CNC router

Different Types of Routers

Power routers have got lots of variety depending upon the purpose for which they are used. They are: plunge, D handled, knob handled routers. In addition, you will find Combo Routers, Variable Speed Routers, Laminate Trimmer, and CNC wood routers. Technology has improved the functioning of the routers to a great extent.

The two most popular routers are plunge-base router and fixed base router. You will fix the depth of the cut you need before you start the router while you are operating the fix-base router. On the other hand, with plunge-base router you can alter the speed whenever you like.

Obviously, there are numerous models of wood routers that are available in the market at present. Each router has a speciality. You will find a specific feature which is greatly enhanced. To have a complete idea of the different routers and how they are used for different purposes is best known when you observe an experienced woodworker is in action.

Learn how to use the tools from the Experts

You may feel like learning how to use the routers is a child’s play. In fact, it is not a child’s play until you learn using it meticulously. It is through observation only you can understand how versatile the router is. Watch a senior professional woodworker when he is working and see how makes different tasks.

It takes at least two to three weeks time for mastering the router and using it to its optimum potential. If you use the router only for basic trimming of the edges, you are not using the tool well. You must know how best you can use it for a variety of purposes. You will learn to use it in multiple ways by observing the professionals when they are at work. You can also have some idea about them through wood router reviews that are available online.

Select the Router Bits that fit your work

There are different types of router bits that perform different tasks. You will have a variety of bits that you can fix to the router and cut the design you want. What is the purpose for which you are using the router? Is it only for joining two pieces or for decorative work?

If you are using the router bits for cutting various designs, you must be very thorough with each router bit and how it works. Depending on the size and shape of the router bit, you will get a specific cut or design.

working with wood router

Experts have divided the router bits into two broad categories. They are edge bits and non-edge bits. It all depends on the design you want to cut in the wood. Study how each router bit is used for a specific purpose. It takes only a few hours to master the operation of the router bits. But the benefits you get are immense. You will be a top class professional woodworker once you master using the bits.

Undoubtedly, technology has influenced woodworking either directly or indirectly. Though it has little relevance in producing the wood, it has changed the way how woodwork is done at present. Thanks to technology, woodworking has been made easier.

A Little Bit Of Knowledge About Garden Beds (Part 2)

So, here is another couple of materials that you can use to be your raised garden beds. If you want to look at the other materials, you can go to the part one of this article.

The fifth one is rock. This is a material that widely known and used so it will be easy to find, strong, and not expensive. Because you stack each rock one by one, so it will give you the flexibility to the shape of your garden beds and you could make a curve shape that other materials can’t make. To make them, it’s not an easy task to do so you can do it yourself without having to pay extra cost to pay people to do it.

Raised garden beds for fruit and vegies

On the other side, it doesn’t have the flexibility to suit any designs of your garden. Example, if your house is a minimalist type, then it would be weird if you have a garden beds made from rocks. Unfortunately, rocks are not naturally rot-resistant so it could break somehow then you have to fix it.

The sixth one is cinderblock. People widely use this material for building house or other constructions, so you don’t have to worry about its strength. Of course, it would stay long last too. You will find this material easily and it’s not expensive. In terms of the design, it could easily get along with any of your garden design.

As you know that this material is heavy, so it would be quite hard to do this project or, at least, you have another person helping you. Cinderblock can hold heat so if it’s summer then your garden beds would become extra hot which is not good for your plants.

The seventh one is stock tanks. People used this thing to feed animals in the farm. If you want to use it as a garden bed, then you have to make a hole at the bottom of this tank to let the water down after you water your plants, sort of a drainage system. This is the easiest material to be used for your raised garden beds. It is also cheap, strong, and long last.

Just like the cinderblock, stock tanks could also hold heat but it’s not as bad or as hot as the cinderblock. At some places, you would probably hard to find this material. Because of the size of it, which is quite big, then you would have to pay an additional cost to deliver it to your house.

The last one but not the least is steel. Although this material has been used in many other parts of people’s life, but it’s still considered as a new thing to be used in gardening so it would give you a nice touch in the garden. This is the thinnest material so you could save a lot of spaces in your garden and it’s strong.

Because it’s still a new material, it’s hard to install and hard to find them. They are also heavy and expensive. Just like other steel, it definitely can hold heat so it could heat up your soil very quickly and gets really hot. It would also get corrosion especially if you live near the sea. With all of this material’s character, you have to really pay attention to what plants that you put in there or it would die easily.

After you found the right material for your garden beds, now it’s the time to make it. Before you make it, there are several tips that you should pay attention. The roots are probably one of the things that you will find when you were digging to build your garden beds so you have to keep your eyes on them. Other cases could be even the soil in your garden beds itself that could attract the roots from other trees, so you should build a roots barrier to prevent them from ruining your garden beds.

HomeGrown Garden Beds

You have to spread the soil evenly in the whole bed. After all settled down, it’s better to not step on the bed. Also, pay attention to those burrowing pests that could sneakily destroy your plants. So you have to prevent them do that by adding a hardware cloth.

What you should not forget is to create some spaces between the beds to be the pathways. It will help you to move freely without getting cramped between each of the garden beds.

Having the raised garden beds would make it easier to take care of your plants and also make your garden tidier. It would be a waste if you have a garden, but you didn’t take care of it. Although it’s not an easy task to do, but it’s a great activity, a great investment to the house, and a pleasure to the eyes. It will be worth it.

A Little Bit Of Knowledge About Garden Beds (Part 1)

To some people, having a garden in their house is a must. While, others think that if you can have a bigger house by not having a garden, then why not? To have or not to have a garden, it’s just depends on everyone’s preferences. Although as the price of a house is getting higher, people started to live in an apartment, which is impossible to have a garden.

Those who have a garden also have their extra homework to take care of it and it’s not an easy thing to do. Among a lot of ways to take care of your garden, one of the most common things that people build is the raised garden beds. The use of it is to separate between each type of the plants as it needs different treatment, to prevent it from getting trampled, prevent it from uncontrollable weeds, prevent your plants from getting destroyed by snails, a better drainage, and you can use your soil for a few years.

Raised Garden Beds

There are several materials that you can choose to be your raised garden beds. Each of them, of course, has their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first one is wood. This is the most common material that people use as a garden bed. The type of the woods that you can use is cedar, Douglas fir, and redwood or black locust. The Douglas fir is the cheapest one but stay less longer that the others. The other woods are quite expensive, but it could stays less long. When you use woods for your garden beds, it could go along with any garden’s design that you have.

These woods are naturally rot-resistant, you could easily find these and it’s easy to install, that’s what makes them the right materials to be used for garden beds. Although it could stay long last but it won’t stay forever so you have to replace it after several years and also take care of them too to make it last longer.

The second one is recycled plastic. Just like other plastic, this material could stay forever, but it still can be recycled again. This material is extremely durable, the color won’t wear off, and won’t leach any chemicals. You could even wash this material.

With all advantages that this super go green material has, unfortunately, it’s really expensive since its kinda new and very heavy so it would be quite hard if you want to move them. This material is not as strong as the woods because it could bend so you have to add something strong at the sides.

The third one is concrete. This material has been used all over the world to build their house. Well, you could also make them as the material to be used to build a house for your plants. You would find this easily and its really strong. When you choose to use this to as your material, it will help to create a clean look for your garden.

You can’t build your house yourself and a lot of people paying for the one who could do the work. It also happened with this because it’s also hard to build it yourself. Also, the price of the materials itself is quite expensive.

The fourth one is galvanized culvert. You probably didn’t see this material often because it’s used for the drainage system under the roads. This has a great look that are quite unique, it’s definitely long last, strong, durable, and very easy to use because you don’t need to assembly anything.

garden beds

But unfortunately, it’s quite hard to find those galvanized culvert. It’s even harder to find the one in the right size to be put in your garden. It’s also difficult to deliver it to your house since it’s big so you probably need the additional cost to do it. Even the price of it is already expensive so if you need the extra cost to cut and deliver it, the price would not make any sense.

If you love to do woodworking and looking for a new project to do, then making a garden bed could also be in your list. It’s not a hard and complicated project. What you need is the right woods and a couple of joints then you could start gardening. You could make it in the shape and design as you liked. You could also make some raised garden bed kits.

Well, the materials that you can use are not only these in this list. There are several other materials that you can choose. I’ve summed that up in part two.


Lightings an effect given to the homes not only for the decoration purposes but also for their usage at various areas of your home.

But are the lighting systems efficient? Do they help in saving the electricity?

But despite all this we have the lighting control system which is intelligent enough, as it is a network control system which helps in using electricity with minimum bills. Lighting systems controls the inputs and the output systems across the home resulting in the efficient use of energy. These lighting systems have self generated sensors which work automatically and when the consumption of power increases then sensor generators a signal and the lighting gets controlled. There are systems which can be placed in the homes and they help in reflecting the lights, thus reducing the consumption of electricity.

Lighting Control Systems


There are lighting systems which consume less amount of the energy and emits the same amount of lights. For this system we have the solar tubes which emits the same amount of light as the other tubes. But it uses the renewable source of energy to emit the light at homes of the people. It gets directly charged by the light of the sun, as being one of the greatest resource of energy. It is even lighter on the pockets of the people as it doesn’t consumes the electricity.

We have though waited for a long period of time for the solar energy solutions, as these lighting systems use the direct sunlight and converts it into electricity. These panels of the solar energy system involves a huge amount of investment. So from the harness of the sun’s energy, through using the regular glass system which are around 90% efficient reflectors of heat and light of the sun. Using this system at the homes gives lighting to the darkest corner of the homes. This is a glass system which brings light to the darkest corners room. And surprisingly it generates around 500 watts of energy in the form of light and heat from the sun.

Solar Tube Skylight


To make the homes light efficient make the use of retroreflectors, a device which reflects back the light. It is a surface of light which reflects back the light without much of scattering. Retroreflectors are the devices which reflect back the light to the light source along with the same direction.

Retroreflectors are used as devices to emit the light, which are used on the highways, on the road signals, on the vehicles, etc. These reflectors help the travelers at night and can be used at homes to save energy.


An age old effect of using the reflection to emit the light from the light emitting devices. These devices of light are used as the source of light for the homes.

Having windows at homes and keeping them open in the day time gives direct light of the sun, reducing the use of light consuming electricity. These lighting systems at homes reduce the levels of consumption of light energy in the day time. Keeping the windows open in the day time both during summers and winters gives the direct source of light.

Lighting of homes consumes a large amount of electricity and approximately makes around the 8% to 15% of budget of the homes. The designs of the lighting system should be such so that it reflects the maximum light. Effective lighting means putting the lights at the place where needed and required, reducing the lighting or eliminating the lights from where they are not required.

Home Interior Lights

It is scientifically said that the lighting designs of the homes should be such so that it requires less amount of light during the day time at homes. The designs of the new homes should be such so that they do not require the lighting systems during the day time.

Homes need to be designed so that they require less sources of light and even reflects back the light. The reflection of light is an old concept as it light sources emits back the light thus, generating more light in the areas.

Designing of the new home needs the owner to keep many things in mind, which even includes the lighting of the house as an important factor, as light is the deliberate effect required in homes which is generated from both the natural sources as well as the artificial lighting systems.

Using the natural lighting system helps the people to conserve the energy and even acts as an aid to the pockets of the owners of the homes. Indoor lighting and fixtures not only emits light but also act as the decoration for the homes. The designs of the homes should be such so that it requires minimum lighting system and conserves electricity on the whole.

How to use different types of lighting in home decor?

To achieve a perfect harmony while decorating a house, several things need to be considered. Along with the budget and timeframe, there are few elements that you need to consider, but the most overlooked element is lighting. A purpose uses of lighting causes a real difference in the overall decoration of a room. Even the brightest room of your house needs lighting too, it does not matter how much sun comes in or how large the windows are .

Lighting plays an important role in making or breaking the aesthetic vibe of the decoration of your house. Different rooms have different dark spots, which needs to be lit up using the right kind of lights. The right kind of lighting not only enhance the beauty of the home decor, but adds a magical charm to it also.

home lighting

Different types of lighting and their uses


Uplights are generally one-bulb lights that are placed on the ground, behind the required object to give dramatic appearance. You can easily use them to highlight a plant or furniture or shelves, etc. Instead of a single light, you can use strip lighting to illuminate the staircase or book shelves.


If you want to have a simple touch of lighting, instead of overflowing, downlights is perfect for that. These can be perfectly used as floodlights and spotlights, especially in modern kitchen to provide a neat touch. Generally, downlights can be used in the areas where you don’t need the bright lights. Sometimes, for creating a romantic ambience in a meal, downlights work wonderfully.

Incandescent lights

For creating a warm and cozy feeling, by adding a golden hue to a room, incandescent lights are wonderful. Even on the coldest day, these lights provide a touch of warmth to the room. If you are planning to have fluoruscent lights in your house, incandescent lights can easily be the replacement of fluoroscent.

Track lighting

Those who have the passion of changing light’s location frequently, track lighting is perfect for them. Considering as the most versatile lighting system, this lighting makes it possible to use a single electrical outlet to supply electricity to many lights along the track.

Dimmer switches

In case of creating a special mood, dimmer lights can be your great support.  It will not only create the ambience, but will save the electricity too.

Lighting in the hallway

Table lamps

Those beautiful table lamps kept in the stores, are bound to attract our attention. But, the real beauty lies in placing the lamps in their required places. Available in various sizes and shapes, table lamps are rich in designs too. As a multitasking lighting system, this one can be used as both the general lighting and track lighting. In your study area, it can be your reading partner and can also illuminate any particular area of the room, where you need light. To add different flavour to the dining area, table lamps will be your savior.

Lighting tips

  • It is always wise to use multiple sources, instead of a single source to create a dramatic environment. Each room has individual needs, for example, kitchen should have adequate light to perform various tasks and your bedroom should contain a table lamp to enable the facility of reading.
  • Keep your lighting systems simple to add a delicate touch to the decoration of the house, instead of overpower the decor.
  • While highlighting a picture or painting, extra caution should be taken. Make sure the lights don’t reflect on the glass surface of the painting or picture.
  • If you need to alter the direction of the lights frequently, you should go with the recessed lighting system.
  • Dimmer switches are perfect for any room of the house, especially for them who are sensitive to brighter lights.

Outdoor Lighting


Not only the electrical lamps or bulbs, the houses should have access of  sunlights too. Make sure, all the rooms have sources of adequate natural lights. Make the windows bigger and in case of small windows, compensate it  placing mirrors on the opposite walls of the window to reflect the natural lights and make the home brighter.

Sometimes, for creating a natural environment, candles work wonderfully. Simply arrange a candlelight dinner on some occasions, it will create a soothing ambience by minimizing the electricity consumption.

Enlight your house as well as your mood with lighting

Our home decors are no longer confined within the furniture, flooring, wall paints, etc., lighting also plays a significant role in our home decor too. Truly, it doesn’t matter how beautifully you have decorated your house, no matter how much you spend on painting your walls, everything can be in vain, if there is no light in the house to show it to the world. The presence of light upholds your efforts, but the proper kind of lighting enhance the beauty of your efforts.

Not only the house, lighting has a significant role in controlling our mood also. A room with inadequate lights will make you gloomy, dull and less responsive readily, the same thing happens in a cloudy day too. You don’t feel the enthusiasm of working, but in a sunny day, the mood swings instantly. Like the bright sunlight, you will also have a bright cheerful mood. The same mood creates when the room is filled with bright and vibrant lights.

Whole House Lighting

Revolution in the lighting system

In modern days, lighting does not mean entering the room and flip the switch to turn on or off the lights, it’s far more than flipping a switch. Now, you can control the lighting of the whole house according to your mood and instead of the switches, you can control the lighting system with the swipe of the finger and even through your smartphone too. The bulbs will not only turn on or off, with the smart controlling system, they will dimmer or brighten according to the occasion or your mood. You can have a voice-activated app also, that will work on your voice command.

Use with the purpose

You can control the lighting of the whole house or the different areas of the house too. May be, you want to work in the kitchen now, so turn on and adjust the brightness of the lights of the kitchen manually, but hold on, this one is so old school. Modern Technology is offering more than that. Just press the “cooking” tab on the wall socket, all the kitchen task lights will come up to full brightness. You no longer have to adjust them one by one. Not only the “cooking” tab, there are other options too. For example

  • Coming home: Set the timer on your smartphone or use a trigger, the bulbs of the entry hall, the porch and even the kitchen will turn on, at that particular time and you will not have to search for the switch board in the darkness.
  • Romance: For creating romatic ambience, touch the “romance” tab. All the lights of the whole house will turn off, but the bedroom will have illuminated soft glowing bulbs to suit the mood and the ambience.
  • Outdoor entertaining: You have the option of outdoor lighting also, especially for nighttime activities. The walkway and patio lights will illuminate while touching the tab.
  • Nighty: This one is the most fascinating for the kids and their parents. While pressing the tab, the lights of your kids’ room will fade away slowly after they fall asleep.
  • Panic mode: For any panic situation, the lights can also work as your savior. All the lights of your house will turn on and off repeatedly at your command.
  • Vacation mode: You are in a vacation mood, but there is no lighting arrangement for that, is simply not possible. Turn on the vacation mode all the lights of your house will turn and off randomly to join with your mood.

Complement your home decor

One of the best purpose of lighting can be complementing your home decor. As we have said earlier, proper lighting not only represents the beauty of the home decor, but enhances the beauty of it. All you need to do is installing the right light, on the right place. It’s so simple.

Lighting Systems

May be, you have placed a beautiful piece of artwork on the wall of the drawing room as a centre of attraction, but the real beauty can only reflect when there will be a spotlight to highlight the artwork. It will not only make the art piece appealing, but will change the ambience of the house and the mood of the visitors too. Similarly, downlights is wonderful to brighten the marble counter tops in the kitchen.


Lighting has an unavoidable effect on both the home owners and the visitors. When the bright lights will invigorate the mood, the soft glowing lights, on the other hand, will make you relax. If you are in party mood the lights will make the ambience too, similarly when you want a romantic dinner, set the mode and the lights will create the romantic environment for you. The same rule is applicable for your home decor too. Properly sets the lighting system will make your house more appealing, focused and organized too.